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Zion Williamson To Get A Jordan Brand Signature Shoe

You’ll have to wait a bit though.

New Orleans Pelicans v Sacramento Kings
The cool thing about these shoes Zion Williamson wears here? They were based on a doodle his little brother Noah did.
Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Looks like Nike’s Jordan Brand is going to introduce a signature shoe for former Duke star Zion Williamson: he’ll get the Z Code in early 2021.

Not many people get that, so obviously Nike expects to sell plenty of them.

Remember a while back when Dahntay Jones lost his entire shoe collection? We knew it was worth a fair amount of money but we didn't realize that an economy had sprung up around sneakers much like baseball cards or comic books.

It never occurred to us that people would buy them as investments, trade and sell them. Wearing them is one thing but serious people would never put them on. That would damage their worth.

Williamson’s shoes are obviously designed for bigger people - given his size and power and what we saw at Duke when his shoe blew out against UNC you can be sure Nike planned his shoes to accomodate immense pressure and torque.

So aside from investors and fans, powerful, heavy athletes may adopt this shoe out of necessity and Nike will apply the lessons learned to other lines.

Incidentally the shoe has not been officially confirmed but you shouldn't expect Nike to sit on its best young asset.