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You Tube Gold: DaveMcClure’s Finest Moment

What a thrilling finish that was

Belmont Bruins v Duke Blue Devils
WASHINGTON - MARCH 20: Jon Scheyer in 2008 against Belmont, the year after his last-second pass helped Dave McClure nail down a 68-66 win over Clemson. (SBN’s photo supplier didn’t have a McClure pic.)
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Dave McClure was a player we always liked. He had a tendency to just do things right. Coach K said he he “made simple, great plays.”

He wasn’t an overwhelming talent and he had some injury issues. When he was right though he was a highly intelligent player who really helped his team excel.

He was also part of one of the greatest plays in Duke history.

Oliver Purnell brought his #19 Clemson team to Cameron in 2007 and gave #10 Duke a really tough game. With time winding down, Clemson hit a layup to cut the lead to 66-64. On the inbounds, an apparent miscommunication between Josh McRoberts and Greg Paulus let the ball go directly to Vernon Hamilton on the inbounds and just like that, in about two seconds, Clemson had four points.

We say about because the clock didn't stop and after some confusion it was reset to 4.4 after running down to 1.8.

This didn't go over well with Clemson partisans.

With the clock reset, Duke got the ball into Jon Scheyer who ran down the baseline before cutting to the middle of the court and drawing two Clemson defenders. McClure ran past another into open court, past Hamilton, and called for the ball.

Scheyer hit him just past the ACC logo in the lane with 1.2 left. McClure took the ball up over KC Rivers and shot with less than half a second left.

The ball fell through the net as time ran out for one of the greatest, most clutch plays in Duke history.

McClure wouldn’t have too many more chances for great plays but Scheyer, a freshman in 2007, would be around for many more, including of course a key role in the 2010 title game.