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You Tube Gold: The Miracle Minute Revisited

We’ve linked it before but it’s so good it’s worth watching on a semi-regular basis

Jason Williams #22
Jason Williams as a Duke Blue Devil

It’s amazing that the 2001 title game is almost 20 years ago. That team had some real high points but not many were higher than the Miracle Minute, aka Gone In 54 Seconds.

Duke was down 90-80 when Jason Williams got through Maryland’s defense for a layup. Then he stole the ball from Drew Nicholas after the inbounds and hit a three with :49 seconds left.

Just like that, the lead was cut in half.

Maryland called a timeout and Duke fouled quickly, putting Nicholas on the line where he missed both.

Williams then came down and hit another three to cut the lead to two with 40.4 left. That’s eight points in 13 seconds for Williams, which is still amazing.

Duke then forced Maryland to burn its last time out on the in-bounds then forced another turnover, this one from the great Juan Dixon.

Nate James tied the game on the line with 21.9 left.

By that point, Maryland was hopelessly shaken and disorganized. Nicholas, who was in because Steve Blake fouled out, got an off-balance corner jumper but missed at the buzzer.

Duke would go on to win in overtime, 98-96.

In retrospect, you have to feel bad for Nicholas, who opened the floodgates and then blew a chance to salvage the win.

As a senior though he got some redemption when he hit a tremendous shot at the buzzer to prevent an NCAA upset by UNC-Wilmington, then coached by Brad Brownell.