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You Tube Gold: Doc Rivers On Larry Bird’s 60 Point Game

Boston Celtics v Atlanta Hawks
ATLANTA - 1990: Larry Bird #33 of the Boston Celtics shoots against the Atlanta Hawks during a game played circa 1990 at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

In 1985, Larry Bird had one of the great games in NBA history, scoring 60 on the talented Atlanta Hawks and playing at such a high level that even various Hawks were pumping their fists and celebrating his incredible level of play.

One of the guys on that Atlanta team was Doc Rivers, whose son, Austin, played at Duke, hitting a legendary shot to beat UNC in Chapel Hill in 2011.

Rivers talks here about how it felt when Bird was telling the Hawks where he was going to go and what he was going to do before he did it and still not being able to stop him despite knowing what exactly he was going to do.

He is talking with Dan Patrick here and laughs here about the film session that followed the game where coach Mike Fratello was highlighting and castigating his players for celebrating an opponent and, in one case, falling off the bench in sheer glee at such basketball brilliance.

Why wouldn't they though? It was an insane performance by Larry Legend, by anyone really. Who wouldn’t have been transported?