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You Tube Gold: Disorder In The Court

Yuck yuck yuck!

The Three Stooges with Drinks
The Three Stooges with Drinks

We’d hope that everyone would agree that right about now we could all use to loosen up a bit and maybe a good laugh or three.

So who better to do that for us than Larry, Curly and Moe - the Three Stooges of yore?

The Stooges actually started in 1922 as so many 20th century legends did, in Vaudeville. No doubt they crossed paths with people like George Burns, Gracie Allen, Milton Berle and many others who then went on, like them, to Hollywood, radio and TV.

In the mid 30s, they began to make the short movies that would make them comedic legends. And importantly, Moe’s youngest brother, Jerome, who became known as Curly, joined the act. A natural comedian, he joined and immediately became a comic sensation despite an utter lack of experience.

He deserves a bio movie of his own because he led a fascinating and ultimately tragic life.

His mannerisms and odd vocalizations became legendary. The guy was surprisingly athletic. He was a very good high school basketball player - who knew?

Anyway, most of you know the drill. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, certainly, but come on, it’s been a long, hot summer with more than enough trouble to go around. So lighten up with the Three Stooges as they cavort in Disorder In The Court. We should all laugh when we can, especially these days.

By the way, interestingly, this one is colorized.

Wise guy, huh??