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You Tube Gold: Pelé

The man redefined his sport and created the Beautiful Game. How could he not be the greatest?

Brazilian forward Pele dribbles past a defender during a friendly match between Malmoe and Brazil, on May 8, 1960 in Malmoe. Pele scored two goals as Brazil won 7-1
Photo credit should read -/AFP via Getty Images

Many of you who read this have a great distinction as sports fans: you can point to the greatest athletes in any number of sports and there’s a chance you saw the greatest.

In basketball, it’s arguably Michael Jordan. In football, it may be Tom Brady. In boxing, it could be Muhammad Ali. In horse racing, it’s Secretariat (there's no could there). The greatest sprinter is Usain Bolt. In golf, it could be Tiger Williams. In women’s tennis it might be Serena Williams. Wayne Gretzky is called the Great One for a reason.

Like Secretariat in horseracing though, there is no real debate in soccer. The greatest ever was and remains Pelé.

Here is a Top Ten video of his greatest goals. On occasion it slows down so you can see what he’s doing and it’s pretty incredible. The man set a standard the way Babe Ruth did and it has yet to be surpassed. That’s why he’s the greatest.