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Kenny Blakeney, Howard Pick Up A Significant Transfer

The former Duke guard is having a remarkable summer

Kenny Blakeney as a Blue Devil

Remember Nojel Eastern? He left Purdue and planned to transfer to Michigan but didn’t have enough credits to do it.

He sort of fell off the radar for a bit but now he’s turned up: he’ll transfer to Howard where he’ll play for former Duke star Kenny Blakeney and alongside breakthrough recruit Makur Maker. The Bison also add point guard Rahim Ali to the mix.

In his commitment tweet, Eastern said “for the culture” and #HBCU

It’s really a fascinating moment. Howard finished 4-29 last season and not too long ago, next season looked like it might be an incremental improvement at best.

Now though, Howard, as Blakeney noted recently, will be one of the most scrutinized programs in the country this fall and has a chance to do really big things. It has the potential to be an amazing year for Howard but for the MEAC and all HBCU schools.