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2020 Duke Football Schedule 2.0

Covid version.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Duke
Duke football is a long-time champion of social distancing.
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

It’s minor compared to many personal tragedies, but the pandemic has caused havoc with college sports not least of all football, since football revenue is the locomotive that pulls the train for so many athletic departments.

Duke’s revised schedule is out and here it is.

As you see, with Notre Dame playing in conference this year, there are no tuneups. The only non-conference game vs Charlotte on Halloween.

We don’t know what to expect from football, but other than Notre Dame, there’s not a game on the schedule we look at and think uh-oh.

Of course a lot will depend on football where Duke welcomes Clemson transfer Chase Brice as a possible new starter at quarterback. It’s going to be a bizarre year for the entire team and of course that assumes that football is even played. You can manage social distancing with fans but not on the field. Football is the antithesis of social distancing. Even huddles!