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JJ Redick’s Next Move: From Podcast To Mogul?

As he moves from starting a podcast to starting a network

Memphis Grizzlies v New Orleans Pelicans
Orlando, FL - AUGUST 3: JJ Redick #4 of the New Orleans Pelicans handles the ball during the game against the Memphis Grizzlies on August 3, 2020 at The Visa Athletic Center at ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex in Reunion, Florida.
Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Anyone who has ever listened to JJ Redick’s podcast know that he is a dynamic interviewer. In our mind, while he’s not quite there yet, the logical professional comparison (as a podcaster) is to Joe Rogan. Rogan has an advantage in that he’s a professional entertainer and comedian used to working individuals and audiences.

Redick, who calls himself an introvert (which might come as a surprise to some in College Park or Chapel Hill), has had to work at it but he’s become a very good interviewer.

As with basketball, his advantage is his work ethic.

Now he’s in a position to expand his podcast to a network.

He’s parted ways with and is setting up shop for himself and planning to start some other podcasts.

Not doing them all himself of course - he’s looking for hosts - but it sounds eclectic and potentially interesting.

The podcast world is getting very interesting. The land rush is still under way and networks are forming. It’s a long way from the Wild West it used to be as players like Spotify, IHeart and SiriusXM are bringing big money to the table (just look at Rogan’s new deal for one, reputedly worth more than $100 million).

Redick is bright and engaging and he brings a brand with him. Can he pull off a network? Well, ask it this way: would anyone be wise to bet against him now after everything else he’s managed in life?