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Our Favorite UNC Players

That was surprisingly hard to say

Derrick Phelps
Derrick Phelps, UNC point guard

We saved UNC for last in our Favorite ACC Players from other schools series because, well, it’s UNC and we needed extra time to think of players we actually liked. So here goes nothing:

Ok, we tried.

Kidding! There are actually a few.

  • Dante Calabria. He just always seemed like a decent, happy go lucky guy. That was our impression from a distance of course. He could have been really unpleasant in person.
  • Hubert Davis. We really admired the fact that he turned himself into a really good player when no one expected him to and seemed like a very nice person as well.
  • Bobby Jones. He said if he had to play dirty to stay in the NBA he’d just as soon quit. Everyone likes Jones. He’s immensely admirable.
  • Eric Montross. Okay, this one’s tough. We hated him as a player. But in his last year or so at UNC, he befriended a kid at UNC Hospital who was dying of cancer. And he really meant it because as the kid’s health failed, Montross was clearly distraught and it seemed to affect his game. He wasn’t just visiting, he really took the kid to heart.
  • Derrick Phelps. He was just a really solid point guard who sublimated himself for the good of his team. UNC ‘92 wasn’t a great collection of talent but it was a perfectly unified team and Phelps was one of the main reasons why.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need a bath.