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A Nice Article From The Bill Foster Era

A bit of a treasure trove here

Denver Post Archives
Bill Foster at South Carolina on November 8th, 1984, just nine days before he had a heart attack.
Denver Post via Getty Images

A lot of people, us included, have raved about the 1978 team and rightly so. That team started one junior, one sophomore, two freshmen and a transfer and the joyride to the championship game was like nothing else in Duke basketball history because it came out of nowhere.

The wheels came off in 1979 though. Foster was an excellent coach but he was not cut out to deal with the pressure that came with expectations and 1979 was nowhere near as good as the previous year had been.

But the brief time in between 1978 and the early season trip to New York, where things started to go wrong?

That was beautiful too. This article from SI’s vault captures a little of it. It really was a time when anything seemed possible, which made Duke’s fall that much more inexplicable.

This really captures some of that amazing time.