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Duke Players Return To Campus And A Radically Different Environment

No one is even sure we’ll have a season

Joey Baker on Duke’s bench
Joey Baker is ready for things to start back up.

Duke’s players returned to campus on Sunday after a long layoff due to the Covid-19 virus.

Apparently Duke is using the Washington Duke Inn for screening purposes - virus not basketball - and after that is over, it’s quarantine time.

Just as a side thought, for people who are intensely extroverted, like say Nolan Smith or Dick Vitale, quarantine can’t be an easy thing to go through. But what can you do? There’s no way around it.

We’ve thought for years that Duke makes such good use of summer to prep for the season that this year must be a real challenge. Generally they try to get the players into summer class and a bit ahead of the curve and also they inculcate them into the culture of the program.

Only Duke’s hyper efficiency allows for that. It’s one of the reason why Duke tend to win early games as it did against Kansas last season.