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You Tube Gold: The Last Undefeated National Champions

Bob Knight’s brilliance shone through with this team

Bobby Knight Being Walked Off in Jubilation
Quinn Buckner, Bob Knight and Scott May after winning the national championship in 1976

Before anger derailed his brilliant career, Bob Knight was an exceptional coach and recruiter.

In 1974-75, his Indiana team was undefeated and heading towards a national title when an injury to Scott May (Sean’s father) led to IU losing to Kentucky 92-90 in the Mideast Regional Finals.

The next year they won it all and compiled a two-year record of 63-1.

As great as that is, consider this: Larry Bird signed with Indiana and was a freshman in 1974. Imagine what would have happened if he had stayed with the Hoosiers (he left after a few weeks, overwhelmed by the size of the school).

Here’s the championship game from 1975-76. Knight can reasonably be called many negative things but he should also always be called a masterful basketball mind.