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You Tube Gold: Walt “Clyde” Frazier

Probably still the best point guard the Knicks have ever had

New York Knicks Walt Frazier
Walt Frazier

ACC fans of a certain age will remember Clyde “the Glyde” Austin. A smooth 6-3 guard out of Richmond, Austin played for NC State. Unfortunately he may be most famous for being stripped by UNC’s Dudley Bradley with mere seconds to go, a lapse that cost NC State the game. It remains an iconic ACC play.

He’s not the original Clyde the Glide though. That would have been Walt Frazier, who was called Clyde and also Clyde the Glide.

Frazier came to the New York Knicks out of Southern Illinois in 1967 and within a few years helped the Knicks to two championships.

When the Knicks paired him with Earl Monroe, it was instant greatness. He was a smooth point guard and solid leader. The Knicks of the early ‘70s were truly a great team and he ran it. It’s much more of a walk-it-up game than it is now but Frazier was the perfect fit for the 1970s Knicks.