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You Tube Gold: Buck O’Neil On Ty Cobb

A much missed figure in baseball and America.

SP.Negro League.3.0311.GF.8. John (Buck) O’Neil, former baseball player with Kansas City of Negro Le
 John (Buck) O’Neil, former baseball player with Kansas City of Negro League–– photographed at Dodger Stadium
Photo by Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

When we watched Ken Burns’ baseball documentary, one of the guys who really jumped out at us was Buck O’Neil. He just came across as a good man, a man who above all else was at peace with himself.

We remember him saying that when he heard Bo Jackson hit a home run that he heard a noise he only heard from three players in his life: Jackson, Babe Ruth and Josh Gibson. He was a great presence in that documentary.

We were looking for a You Tube Gold and came across this video where he discussed Ty Cobb, his racism and overall meanness and O’Neil’s answers are graceful, compassionate and reflect his innate decency. Even if Sunday’s not your Sabbath, and even if you don’t have one, it’s a good thing to watch today. He was a great man with nearly 100 years of insight into life.