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Our Favorite Boston College Basketball Players

A mediocre ACC team with a long and interesting tradition before moving conferences

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 28 Syracuse at Boston College
Jordan Chatman and Jerome Robinson

As we deal with the expansion teams, picking favorite ACC players from each school gets more difficult. So here goes our stab at Boston College:

  1. Jerome Robinson. He went from nothing, basically, to a lottery pick. Plus he’s from Raleigh.
  2. Bill Curley. When Boston College knocked UNC out the NCAA tournament during the Dean Smith era, he was superb. For that alone, he would make the list. What, you didn’t notice the Duke part of Basketball Report?
  3. Jordan Chatman. He finished BYU in two years and as a full-time basketball player before coming to BC. That’s insanely great.
  4. John Bagley. Short, fat and (hopefully not) drunk is no way to go through life. Seriously though he was small and pudgy which makes his success amazing.
  5. Jared Dudley. He was not that talented and fairly annoying to fans. However, despite a clear lack of athleticism, he has carved out a long NBA career because he’s one of the smartest players in the NBA. All he does is make his teams better.