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You Tube Gold: When Elvis And Ali Met

A great story of two guys who really enjoyed each other’s company

Muhammad Ali v Joe Bugner
Muhammad Ali, perhaps in the robe that Elvis Presley gave him.

If you look long enough, You Tube always delivers and this time, it has a fun surprise: the first time Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali met.

Elvis of course grew up in Memphis while Ali grew up in Louisville. Elvis was about seven years older but as it turns out they both admired each other. Ali actually called Elvis “the greatest,” which of course was what he always called himself.

The best part of the story though is that Elvis at one point jumped up in a karate stance and Ali got in a boxing stance - and then Elvis put him on the floor. Who would believe that?

It’s a really cool story all the way around with two of the most magnetic performers on their era just having a great time together. Check out the final quote from Ali. It’s pretty clear these guys sincerely liked each other.