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You Tube Gold: Tiger Woods First TV Appearance?

Can’t be too many earlier.

Golf Champion Tiger Woods
Golf player Tiger Woods practice on Griffith Park golf course as a 16-year old in 1991. Tiger Woods was born in 1975 and he won the Los Angeles Junior Championship on the Griffith Park courses in 1991.
Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson./Corbis via Getty Images

Tiger Woods has been a sensation for a long time but possibly longer than many people realize.

He won the Master’s at 22 in an absolute tour de force or perhaps coronation. The only real comparison in terms of guys who had immense hype and lived up to it, at least initially, are Mike Tyson, Zion Williamson (still in his rookie season NBA) and LeBron James (who has lived up to it since entering the NBA).

Like Tyson, Woods’ personal life tripped him up although Woods never went to prison as Tyson did.

Woods was a celebrated golfer at a very early age though: at the age of two, he was already on television, on the Mike Douglas show, where he demonstrated a swing that many grown golfers have not yet mastered.

It’s almost inconceivable that a two-year-old has this much coordination and it’s also pretty amazing that he kept his passion and ultimately revolutionized his sport.