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You Tube Gold: Bobby Jones

A most unusual forward

Jones against Bird
PHILADELPHIA - 1984: Bobby Jones #24 of the Philadelphia 76ers in action against Larry Bird #33 of the Boston Celtics during the 1984 Season NBA game at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
Photo by Jerry Wachter/NBAE via Getty Images

We talked about Moses Malone previously and enjoyed seeing Bobby Jones on the video. He’s one of those rare UNC guys who’s really difficult to dislike.

On the court Jones was superb. He was 6-9 and could run like a deer. He was also a superb defensive forward.

When the 76ers got him from Denver in 1978, he was a natural front court partner with Julius Erving and when Philly got Moses Malone a few years later, it was one of the great front courts in NBA history.

Aside from being a wonderful player, Jones was universally acclaimed for his stellar character and also overcame asthma and a heart condition. And he refused to cut corners or play dirty. At one point he said this: “If I have to play defense by holding on, that’s when I quit. If I have to use an elbow to get position, then I’m going to have to settle for another position. And if I foul, or if the official makes a mistake, there’s no use screaming about it. It won’t change things or make me happier.”

Aside from going to UNC, there’s almost nothing to dislike about the man. He’s immensely admirable.