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You Tube Gold: 1984 Team USA vs. NBA All Stars

This is really the first hint we got that Michael Jordan wasn’t just going to be really good but extraordinary.

Michael Jordan, Samuel Perkins, Wayman Tisdale, Alvin Robertson At The 1984 Summer Olympics
Los Angeles, CA - 1984: (L-R) Michael Jordan, Samuel Perkins, Wayman Tisdale, Alvin Robertson, Men’s Basketball USA vs. Spain, the Forum, at the 1984 Summer Olympics, August 10, 1984.
Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Here’s a fabulous bit of video from the run up to the 1984 Olympic Games where the NBA sent some stars to push the US team.

Team USA actually won this game but we don’t think the NBA guys exactly killed themselves. Even so, it’s an impressive performance by Bob Knight’s version of a Dream Team. This team had future Dream Teamers Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin and Michael Jordan and some other guys who did well.

Best musician on the team: Oklahoma’s Wayman Tisdale, who went on to a great career as a bass player with several solid recordings to his name. The only guy still physically active in the game: Leon Wood, who went on to two NBA careers: first as a player and second as an official. He’s still out there and to the best of our knowledge is the only former NBA player to become a referee. As an official he could make up to $550,000 a year so he’s done well since he stopped playing.

Also in this video: Duke’s Johnny Dawkins, who was one of the final cuts Knight made.