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You Tube Gold: Duke vs. Purdue, 1994

As Grant Hill shows The Big Dog Who’s Boss

Grant Hill and Glenn Robinson after Duke’s big NCAA win over Purdue

In 1994, Glenn Robinson was widely seen as the best player in the NCAA and a major problem for Duke in the 1994 NCAA Tournament.

That was until Grant Hill volunteered to defend him.

It had a major effect on Duke’s offense - Hill shot just 4-12 and scored just 11 points but he held Robinson to 6-22 and just 14 points.

It was a superb defensive effort on Hill’s part but Duke outscored the Boilermakers from the line 26-5 and won 69-60.

Robinson was still preferred though when it came to draft time, the Milwaukee Bucks picked him first and Hill went to Detroit with the #3 pick. Despite the injuries he remarkably overcame later in his career, Hill had a far better career than Robinson.

His son, Glenn III, played for Michigan and has been in the NBA for five years and played for six teams if you count the Fort Wayne Mad Ants of the G-League.

Bonus: this video starts with a classic Coach K commercial.