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You Tube Gold: Wilt vs. Nate Thurmond And Bill Russell

Some really good footage here

Bill Russell [76ers];Wilt Chamberlain [76ers]
Basketball: Phila. 76ers Wilt Chamberlain #13 in action, rebounding vs Boston Celtics Bill Russell #6.
Photo by John G. Zimmerman/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

We’ve linked to videos with Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell several times, and Nate Thurmond the other day, but this one is a bit different because some of the cameras are really close and show things you don’t normally see in video this old. It’s all in black and white of course but some of the shots are really very clear and you get a much better idea of just what a load Chamberlain was to deal with because Russell and Thurmond were both very, very good basketball players.

You get a much better sense here of Chamberlain’s dynamic athletic ability. He was always a fairly even-tempered guy but when you see some of the power he had, you can understand why Russell so assiduously courted Chamberlain. He made a point of taking him out to dinner and disarming him so that game competition was a little bit less intense.

Anything for an edge because Chamberlain was literally unstoppable.