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Our Favorite Notre Dame Players

As we continue our ACC series

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 13 ACC Tournament - Duke v Notre Dame
Mar13, 2015: Notre Dame Fighting Irish forward Bonzie Colson (35) gets the steal trailed by Duke Blue Devils center Marshall Plumlee (40) during the ACC Tournament at Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC.
Photo by Jim Dedmon/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Notre Dame has been a different sort of expansion team for the ACC. In some ways they’ve adapted a lot better than the other former Big East teams that came along after the big push to expand came along.

And it’s Mike Bre. He learned a lot from Mike Krzyzewski when he was at Duke but he’s clearly his own man and we like how he runs his program. He’s a very decent guy who cares about his players and who recruits good guys. So there’s a lot to like.

That said, we have a couple of guys who preceded him at Notre Dame.

Here are our favorite Notre Dame players.

  • David Rivers. He was a really smart, capable point guard who had a great career at Notre Dame. We admired him. Plus he went to St. Anthony’s. He’s an assistant coach now at Kennesaw State.
  • Bonzie Colson. He was really something else - a 6-5 guy who could go inside on just about anyone. One of our favorite ACC players in the last 15 years.
  • Adrian Dantley. He was unbelievable in college and was an outstanding pro too.
  • John Mooney. We watched him develop from a nobody into a superbly reliable guy who got you a double-double every night. He really turned into a superb player and did so despite having average talent. The definition of a self-made man.
  • Bill Laimbeer. Psych! Moving right along....
  • Jerian Grant. He failed significantly at Notre Dame, was suspended for a year then came back in a big way. It was a nice redemption story.