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NIKE Blinks On EYBL, Cancels Summer’s Events

Poof! Gone.

This the most Peach Jam anyone will see this year.
Photo by Amy Brothers/ The Denver Post

Recruiting, already a major challenge because of limitations due to the pandemic, just more challenging: Nike has canceled the EYBL circuit, including Peach Jam, which is going to wound a lot of people.

Obviously the first thing is that recruiting is going to be - will continue to be - limited. It’s not as big of a deal for schools like Duke, Kentucky and UNC. The schools at the very top will always get players.

It’s the others that will have big problems. Take Wake Forest, where Steve Forbes is just starting a program. One way to traditionally jump start a program is to really beat the bushes for recruits that are overlooked. That’s not happening (nor will Forbes be hitting JUCOs for players, something he did routinely at ETSU - he committed to that when he took the job).

The other aspect, less noted, is social. People who are really into recruiting get a certain amount of pleasure out of visiting with colleagues and friends, not to mention getting to chat up famous coaches.

Like so much else, that’s on hiatus for the foreseeable future.