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ACC Recruiting: Jaylon Gibson Picks The Pack

A nice late pick up for Kevin Keatts

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at N.C. State
When Danny Manning (left) was fired by Wake Forest, NC State’s Kevin Keatts (right) was ready to swoop in for one of Manning’s former recruits.
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s funny how things can work sometimes. Danny Manning recruited Jaylon Gibson to Wake Forest. Danny Manning got fired.

Gibson decommitted.

Josh Hall committed to NC State. Josh Hall decided to enter the NBA Draft. That left a scholarship open which Wolfpack coach Kevin Keatts offered to Gibson, who accepted it Thursday.

So he won't be at Wake Forest but will still be in the ACC.

Gibson is 6-11 which gives State some much needed size but he’s just 200 lbs. currently. He’ll need to bulk up obviously but still gives State more to work with. DJ Funderburk hasn’t pulled out of the draft yet but it’s hard to imagine he won’t. He’s nowhere near ready.

Assuming State starts the season with Funderburk, Bates and Gibson, the Pack has more size than they’ve had in a while.

More good news for State: we don’t know what NCAA limitations might apply but Gibson is from Raleigh. At a minimum, assuming he drops by campus, they can monitor his progress and as soon as people are allowed to return to campus, work on bulking him up.