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Our Favorite Clemson Players

Never a top-line basketball school, the Tigers have had some terrific players nonetheless.

Terrell McIntyre
Terrell McIntyre as a Clemson Tiger

Continuing our series on our favorite players from other ACC schools, as inspired by our colleague’s at SBN’s Syracuse site, here are our favorite Clemson players.

  • Terrell “Boogie” McIntyre. One of the ACC’s best-ever little men, he was a tremendous leader for the Tigers. He was from Raeford NC and took a special pleasure out of beating Duke, UNC, Wake Forest and NC State, none of whom seriously pursued him.
  • Greg Buckner. He was a tough, tough guard and when Clemson upset UNC in the ACC Tournament, we listened on the radio as he led Clemson to a stunning win. He was also the big brother to former Duke guard Andre Buckner, so he kind of is an honorary member of the Brotherhood.
  • Grayson Marshall. He wasn’t that interested in defense but he knew how to move the ball around and was a superb passer. It was fun to watch.
  • Dale Davis. He got a lot better later in his career, but at Clemson he was basically a power player and a really good one. No one wanted to play that guy. He was a load.
  • Trevor Booker. The guy wasn’t the most gifted player but not many players could ever match his heart. He brought it every night. At 6-8, he played nearly a decade in the NBA at power forward. Thirty years ago you could do that but today it’s next to impossible. Only his heart allowed it.