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You Tube Gold: The Miracle Minute

Jason Williams was just a blast to watch

Duke v Maryland Jason Williams
Jason Williams driving against Maryland

Jason Williams was one of the best players Duke has ever had and somehow he’s still under appreciated.

Well not by us. We loved him. We really appreciated his ability to either screw up or get distracted or just play bad for a while and then all of a sudden: boom! He would turn it on and take over.

This was never more true than the Miracle Minute game, aka Gone In 54 Seconds. Williams had an awful game. Duke was down 90-80 with 54.3 left. Williams hit a layup then stole the inbounds and hit a three and just like that it was a five point game. A few chokes by Maryland, another Williams three and a Mike Dunleavy basket and the game was in overtime.

The announcers are in complete disbelief as this happens. When regulation run out, Gary Williams, usually so fiery, couldn't really clap his hands with any energy whatsoever. He knew what he had seen and so did everyone else. We’ve linked to this before but it’s so fun and great to watch that we’re doing it again. And probably again when we want something fun to watch.