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Support For Bobby Hurley From A Surprising Source

Didn't see it coming but a nice surprise

NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Washington State
Jan 29, 2020; Pullman, Washington, USA; Arizona State Sun Devils head coach Bobby Hurley talks with an official during a game against the Washington State Cougars in the first half at Beasley Coliseum.
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s pretty rare when Art Chansky, a long-time UNC partisan, has something nice to say about Duke. We remember picking up a magazine years ago and turning to his column and it started: “I hate Duke.”

This guy used to be the sports editor of one of the Durham papers, mind (pre-merger).

So it was a pleasant surprise to see him have a supportive column up on Duke legend and Arizona State head coach Bobby Hurley.

Hurley, as you may have read this week, had a very intense conflict with his athletic director, accusing him of misleading him about how a booster who was accused of sexual harassment was treated.

Chansky really came out with a very supportive column, saying this:

“Full disclosure, I never felt sorry for Hurley when King Rice made him cry as a freshman in the Dean Dome in 1990. And I still see in my sleep the brazen three-pointer Hurley took, and made, against UNLV that saved the 1991 Final Four game and launched the Duke dynasty.

“But I feel sorry for him this time, because while coaches take all kinds of abuse as part of the job, any employee deserves public support when making such a claim that involves the protection of a spouse.”

There’s nothing new here. It’s just nice to see support for Hurley from Chansky, who probably needed a drink after writing something positive about a Blue Devil.

Just kidding. But it is nice to read. Good on Chansky for saying it.