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You Tube Gold: Danny Ainge Being Danny Ainge

Ainge was not someone to trifle with

Boston Celtics Danny Ainge
BOSTON, MA - NOVEMBER 25: Milwaukee Bucks Paul Pressey, left, pressures Boston Celtics Danny Aing
Photo by Mark Wilson/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

There’s a bit of a theme/meme going on with Rex Chapman and various other figures from the ‘90s about how the game was different then, not nearly as soft.

The other side counters saying that today’s players are far more versatile.

Both are basically correct but there’s no question that the NBA was rougher in earlier times as this tiff between Boston’s Danny Ainge and Detroit’s Isaiah Thomas shows.

First Ainge physically prevents Thomas from getting loose on a fast break. Moments later, Thomas retaliates and attempts to tackle Ainge on an inbounds.

Both guys featured prominently in The Last Dance documentary with Ainge talking about golfing with Jordan during the playoffs.

So check this out too. The two of them may have been friendly off the court but there is no love lost here.