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Why Would Georgetown Transfer Matt McClung Consider Wake Forest?

Butler v Georgetown
 WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 28: Mac McClung #2 of the Georgetown Hoyas drives to the basket over Derrik Smits #21 of the Butler Bulldogs in the first half during a college basketball game at the Capital One Arena on January 28, 2020 in Washington, DC.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

When we looked at Mac McClung’s transfer options, Wake Forest surprised us a bit, as it probably did most people. Why would he consider Wake Forest?

There is a logical reason.

As we’ve said before, East Tennessee State is an underrated basketball school and has been for a long time. It’s about 30 minutes from McClung’s hometown of Gate City, Virginia, so his family is very familiar with the school. We wouldn’t be surprised if they had attended games there. Why wouldn’t they? McClung comes from an athletic family.

And in the last several years, Steve Forbes has done a tremendous job there. We’re sure he recruited young McClung avidly and spent a lot of time watching him in high school but realistically, ETSU was too far down the food chain.

Wake Forest is not.

McClung knows Forbes is a player’s coach and that he likes to run. At Wake, he’d probably be the focus of the offense too.

He’d have to pay the price of rebuilding, true, but he would be the face of a program that really fits his talents. And as we said, he’s well aware of Forbes, much more so than people might think.