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Chris Burgess Update

Former Duke big man seems to be thriving at BYU

Great Alaska Shootout
Chris Burgess as a Blue Devil

Chris Burgess left Duke after his sophomore year, transferring to Utah where he finished up playing for the late Rick Majerus.

He chose Duke over BYU as a high school senior and came to Durham with William Avery, Shane Battier and Elton Brand.

Burgess was generally seen as the #1 player in his class but Brand and Battier played more so it was perhaps understandable that he would transfer.

He says this about Duke here: “I was broken as much as a student-athlete could have been at Duke.”

We wouldn't dream of arguing with him about that. We’d just point out that he was not nearly as good as people thought and there were serious holes in his game. He could have stuck around and worked through it but chose not to. Rick Majerus was also a good coach but Majerus couldn’t get him to the NBA either.

No hard feelings. It’s just odd that he markets his experiences and his connection to Duke the way that he does. He’s said before that despite leaving, he appreciated and valued his time at Duke.

At any rate, he seems to be thriving at BYU.