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Duke Recruiting: Don’t Count On This Commitment

Someone got yelled at this morning.

North Carolina v Duke
Cameron Crazies probably won’t see Mike Goebel anytime soon.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

You can, on a semi-regular basis, see something slip through what was supposed to be a joke or internal placeholder slip through.

We’re pretty sure that’s what this is and in fact there’s an excellent chance that it’ll be gone by the time you read this or perhaps just modified.

Whatever you see when you see it, what it said early Saturday morning was this:


Mike Goebel commits to Duke men’s basketball

Of course it also said this:

My smoothie is leaking all over this table. I hope it doesn’t cause a watermark.

Did You Know?

Mike Goebel learned to play golf from Marcus Jackson.




So while it was briefly exciting to see a potential surprise recruit, it appears to be just someone goofing around, probably unaware that it was actually published. We’ll post a screen cap on Twitter.