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ACC Roundup - Forbes Settling In At Wake, FSU After A Major Recruit

As Wake Forest continues to be the main story

Big ACC shoe
It’s gotta be the shoes...

As he settles in at Wake Forest, Steve Forbes realizes what Job 1 is: persuade the guys who may not want to stick around to reconsider. So far Chaundee Brown, Ismael Massoud, Jahcobi Neath, Ody Oguama, Sharone Wright Jr. and Michael Wynn and Olivier Sarr have all decided to explore their options. Getting some or all of them back would make his life vastly easier next season (only Brown has said he won’t return).

He also says that he runs a player’s program and talks about how he recruited at ETSU with five tiers: highs school/prep, JUCO, transfers, grad transfers and international.

He rules out JUCos as being inappropriate for Wake Forest’s culture so now there are four.

And aside from a player’s program, what should his players expect?

Well, according to Forbes, his ETSU motto, which he plans to keep, is “We’re going to be gritty, grimy and tough and together on defense.”

It’s a bit bulky but he says he put it on two rings.

One of the guys in the conference who has improved tremendously is Georgia Tech’s Moses Wright, a native of Raleigh. Here’s some PR video from the Georgia Tech site. It’s not a big deal but he’s a guy worth pulling for.

One small note from Florida State as the ‘Noles are in the final six for 5-star Moussa Cisse.