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A Daily Feather For This Look At The NCAA’s Plan To Allow Athletes To Earn Money

Check out his take on the Elizabeth King Board and several others on the thread as well

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Sagegrouse posted this analysis of the NCAA’s move to allow athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness. Here’s an excerpt from our latest Daily Feather. Check the rest of the thread out too on our boards.

“The NCAA and the colleges are losing their battle against college athletes receiving benefits from endorsements and license fees on use of “their image.” California passed a law allowing it, and the die was cast. Certainly, it is an equitable move, but it is one that risks the functioning and highly elaborate college sports model. The model thrives on revenue received from competition. There is a risk that the biggest and best-known schools with the largest number and the richest supporters will be able to recruit all the best players.

“College sports are immensely popular and generate huge sums of money — $10 billion, says the NCAA, and tens of millions of fans. Spending was higher and presumably a lot of the difference was made up from donations from supporters through organizations like Iron Dukes.

“What’s at stake if the NCAA competition is lessened?”