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Duke Launches A Potentially Huge Auction For The UNC Game

If you can handle the money this will command, we say go for it. See you in Cameron!

espnW Women + Sports Summit
NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 22: ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas speaks at the espnW Women + Sports Summit held at The Resort at Pelican Hill on October 22, 2019 in Newport Beach, California.
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Well this sounds pretty darn good: Duke is offering a chance to win a huge auction for the Duke-UNC game.

The auction ‘aims to be the world’s largest digital fundraiser in history by raising tens of millions of dollars to feed those in need....The highest bidder will win an invitation for behind-the-scenes access at Cameron Indoor Stadium — an experience few can rival. The winner will receive two lower level seats behind the Duke bench for a Duke-UNC game, plus plans for meet and greets, exclusive tours, and photo opportunities.”

Well that does sound pretty good. Duke is working with Jay Bilas to organize this.

Presumably Carolina won’t show up as a wounded lion next time and the game might actually be pretty good.

On the other hand, the Tar Heels were definitely wounded when Duke visited Chapel Hill last year and only a miraculous finish - even by the standards of this most intense of rivalries -allowed for a Duke win.

Our guess is whoever wins this auction will get the dual satisfaction of sending money to a most worthy project and seeing an unbelievably intense and exciting basketball game.

On a side note, we’re not really sure how this would work and it might not, but it would be interesting if you could somehow persuade people to add an extra amount of money to their bid which would be added to the winning bid as a charitable donation.

For instance if you asked people to tack on a certain amount strictly as a charitable donation that would be added to whatever the ultimate winning bid was, it might be kind of cool. It would be a hard sell in some ways but not if that earmark strictly went to charity and was deductible?

Something like that anyway. If there were incentives to do that it could help to raise even more.