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Stephen F. Austin Upset Of Duke Makes The Hall Of Fame

Yes it was that big

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 26 Stephen F Austin at Duke
COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 26 Stephen F Austin celebrates its upset of Duke

Last season when Stephen F. Austin came in to Cameron, we were of two minds. On the one hand we thought well, it’s Cameron, so obviously Duke will win.

And on the other?

The knowledge that SFA was a solid program and that team was much more experienced than was Duke and we weren't sure the young Blue Devils understood they were going to get a game.

We can still see Nathan Bain sprinting downcourt to get the lay-up in overtime as time ran out to give SFA a historic win. Duke’s epic 105 game win streak over non-conference foes was over and, to us anyway, there was no question that Stephen F. Austin deserved the win.

Did we say it was historic?

Apparently the Hall of Fame agrees: it has requested items from the Lumberjacks to display to mark the win. And really that’s kind of cool when you think about it. The loss wasn’t, but the fact that a single game should be commemorated? That says a lot about Duke.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective, you won’t be able to see them anytime soon: the Hall of Fame, like so many establishments, is closed for now due to the pandemic.

No word on whether Evansville has been contacted.