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At Wake Forest, New Coach Steve Forbes Continues To Assemble His First Team

A new transfer, in for a change, and a new hire as well

East Tennessee State v Kansas
LAWRENCE, KANSAS - NOVEMBER 19: Head coach Steve Forbes of the East Tennessee State Buccaneers directs his team against the Kansas Jayhawks during the first half at Allen Fieldhouse on November 19, 2019 in Lawrence, Kansas.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

As Steve Forbes continues to jump start his Wake Forest program, two significant moves to report: first, having won over every Danny Manning player he could, he has turned to the secondary market and has a commitment from 6-5 Jonah Antonio, a grad student transfer from UNLV.

He was one of the top reserves for Vegas but has bounced around: Wake Forest is his fourth school.

He’s also made a wise move and hired Randolph Childress as his third assistant. Randolph is a Wake legend and one of the finest clutch players in ACC history. He’s immensely popular and hiring him will redound to Forbes’ advantage.

Interestingly, Childress addressed the poor record under Danny Manning:

“If anyone who has known how I played or how I carried myself, even my professional career, I hate losing. I hate it. I don’t sleep well, I don’t respond well to it. Losing is very difficult for me. I have zero tolerance for it and I don’t make excuses for it.

“So it’s been tough, it’s been very tough for me to watch.”

“I have to own part of that. I have to own my part in that, as well, and so I don’t want to say, ‘OK, now because I’m in this situation, oh we did all that wrong and that’s not the right way.’ I just think that’s a difficult situation for the staff.

“And I still respect those guys and I’m thankful for the time I had with them.”