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Our Favorite Wake Forest Players

As our series continues

Duke v Wake Forest
Tyrone “Mugsy” Bogues of Wake Forest College defends David Henderson in the 1980s
Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images

Our favorite Wake Forest players - that’s pretty easy We’re tempted to list Muggsy Bogues as 1-5 but the tradition is too rich. Let’s get right to it.

  • Muggsy Bogues. The guy was 5-3 and played in the NBA. And stole the ball from Jordan. And blocked Patrick Ewing! He was terrifying because he brought game down as close to the floor as it was possible to bring it and no one could match him. He was wonderful.
  • Tim Duncan. He went on to become an NBA legend. At Wake Forest he was just this big, quiet kid who did everything right. He was just the rarest of players because he could bore you with his greatness.
  • Randolph Childress. We sometimes call him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named because he was such a lethal clutch player. We hated to see him play Duke but loved to see him play everyone else.
  • Rod Griffin. If he came to Wake today he would be called a two-star. He turned into a brilliant player. He was too small to be a power player in the NBA. but went on to a long career in Italy. He may still be there.
  • Billy Packer. Hey, he helped get Wake Forest to a Final Four. And he also made a nice living talking about basketball with great intelligence, even though he annoyed everyone in sight. He was from all accounts a really smart point guard.