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You Tube Gold: Grant Hill vs. The Bulls

Yes, those Last Dance Bulls

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons
Grant Hill drives on Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan

As we discussed in our article about Coach K’s picks for his two greatest Duke players, Grant Hill’s career peaked in Detroit and when he left for Orlando, he soon had to deal with very difficult ankle injuries. It took him years to be healthy again and in the process, he nearly died - something not widely known.

His comeback earned immense respect from his peers and just about everyone.

Before he hit his woes though, Hill was a supreme talent. You will see that in this clip vs. the 1998 Bulls, the year The Last Dance has documented so well.

Hill was defended by Pippen and had little trouble getting past him so ultimately the Bulls switched and put Jordan on Hill.

And Jordan was just as ruthless on defense as he was on offense. When he made up his mind to stop you, that was it. You got stopped.

Still, Hill held his own against the guy many, if not most, see as the G.O.A.T. and was more than up for Pippen, who was a brilliant talent in his own right. He wasn’t at the top for long, but he was there.