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With Stanley Gone, And Carey Likely To Follow, Here’s Duke’s 2020-21 Roster As Of Now

Lots to work with fortunately

Wendell Moore says goodbye to the 2020 season

With Cassius Stanley announcing he’s leaving for the NBA on Tuesday, here’s Duke’s roster as it currently stands. We didn't list Vernon Carey since it seems a foregone conclusion that he’ll go, too.

Duke is currently at 12 scholarship players which is under the NCAA limit. Theoretically, the roster could still expand but we’re not sure we’d expect it.

Here’s the roster sorted by height. Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski famously eschews positions but really Duke has them too. They’re just called (or should be called) different things: point guard, in-the-lane, stretch four, wing and athlete would pretty much cover it. Maybe sniper too come to think of it. Some of Coach K’s best teams have had superb three point shooters.

How do you see everyone slotting in? Keep in mind that there is always overlap. Also, here’s another interesting question: who will be captain(s)?

By Height (Returnees in bold)

  • Mark Williams 7-0
  • Patrick Tapé 6-10
  • Matthew Hurt 6-9
  • Jalen Johnson 6-8
  • Jaemyn Brakefield 6-8
  • Henry Coleman 6-7
  • Joey Baker 6-7
  • Wendell Moore 6-6
  • DJ Steward 6-3
  • Jeremy Roach 6-2
  • Jordan Goldwire 6-2
  • Mike Buckmire 6-2