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A Look At Duke’s Rotation Next Season

Things are definitely going to change

Jordan Goldwire’s intense defensive pressure is all but certain to keep him in the rotation next fall.

In the era of one-and-done it’s never easy to figure out Duke’s rotation, least of all in April. Still, it’s fun, it’s relative and we’re all more or less stuck at home, so what better to argue about?

The Chronicle’s Shane Smith takes a stab and really, he did a pretty nice job.

We’d also expect Jeremy Roach to emerge as starting point guard but Jordan Goldwire’s powerful defense is going to earn him minutes He’s become too good to keep off the floor indefinitely.

The rest of Duke’s freshmen are going to be interesting, not least of all Jalen Johnson, who is skilled enough for Coach K to let him off the leash early in his career. Mark Williams, who’s sister Elizabeth starred for Duke a few years ago, is a rising star at center but it could take him awhile to adapt to college ball.

DJ Steward is going to be fun and forwards Jaemyn Brakefield and Henry Coleman could both be ahead of schedule.

And Duke’s other returnees - Joey Baker, Matthew Hurt, possibly Cassius Stanley and a-very-slight-possibility-of-returning Vernon Carey due to the chaos caused by the Corona virus (it’s not even clear the NBA will have a season next year) - should all be improved.