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You Tube Gold: Grant HIll’s 1991 Dunk Over Kansas

This was the game where gravity was briefly suspended.

Grant Hill of Duke University
Grant Hill attempts an easier dunk against St. John’s

Duke has many, many iconic plays over the years: Christian Laettner buzzer beaters, the Stomp, Bobby Hurley’s UNLV three, Chris Duhon’s dash, Zion Williamson’s block, Austin Rivers’ dagger against UNC and Johnny Dawkins buzzer block of David Rivers to beat Notre Dame to name just a few.

There was another though that should never be forgotten and that’s Grant Hill’s dunk against Kansas.

Everyone assumed that Bobby Hurley threw it too high but no: Grant went up and got it. He totally stunned the broadcast crew and everyone else who witnessed it.

It also served notice to Kansas: you’re not getting tired Duke after UNLV. You’re not getting cocky Duke. You’re getting every bit of Duke. If you want this championship, you’re going to have to go to war because the Blue Devils are not backing down.

It was, and remains, one of the greatest plays in Duke basketball history.