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You Tube Gold: Jason Kidd

Kidd was a brilliant pass-first point guard with superb court vision

Santa Clara v University of California
SAN JOSE - NOVEMBER 17: Jason Kidd #5 of the California Golden Bears passes the ball during a 1993 game against Santa Clara on November 17, 1993 in San Jose, California.
Photo by: Bernstein Associates/Getty Images

In 1993, Duke was introduced to Jason Kidd in the most painful way possible: he led his young Cal team to a major upset of the Blue Devils in the NCAA Tournament.

It was obvious that he was a great player but not immediately obvious that he would become one of the great passers in NBA history, finishing with 12,091 for his career.

Take a look at what he does here. Some of these passes are really stunners.

What we liked about Kidd most probably was that he was so willing to give up a shot. He really didn’t care much about scoring personally, even though he ended up racking up 17,529 career points. We just remember him giving it up and going to back to play defense.

This may have been most true when he was on Team USA. He was totally content to let other guys get points.