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Greensboro To Host 2023 ACC Tournament

As it should be.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Tournament-Clemson vs Florida State
Greensboro Coliseum - home sweet home for the ACC
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This is great to hear: the ACC has decided that Greensboro will host the 2023 ACC Tournament.

With all due respect to the other venues, that’s really where it belongs. The ACC Tournament has a history with Greensboro, it’s still roughly in the middle of the conference and the people there know what it means and how to protect and nurture it.

We’ve talked before about how foolish NASCAR was to pursue expansion at the cost of their base. The ACC should be well aware of its mistakes, seeing as stock car racing is the official state sport (hard to believe but true. It should be basketball).

We hope that the Greensboro Coliseum will be host to many more ACC Tournaments. New York, Florida and Atlanta are all great cities but the tournament is never going to be the main event there. In Greensboro, it’ll always be the first thing.