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You Don’t See This Every Day: A List Of Duke Players That Somebody Doesn’t Hate

And look who’s at the top.

Georgia Tech v Duke
Greg Paulus as a Blue Devil

Given the widespread antipathy to Duke basketball we didn't expect to see a list of favorite Duke players from a Syracuse site. But here it is from Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician:

  1. Greg Paulus
  2. Jay Bilas
  3. Grant Hill
  4. Alana Beard
  5. Jason Kreiss (soccer)

Honorable mentions: David Cutcliffe, Jayson Tatum, Marty Clark, Myles Jones (lacrosse).

Paulus is easy to understand. He is from the area and transferred back to play QB for one year for the Orange. Bilas, Hill and Beard are all easy to admire too and we can understand Kreiss even though he’s in a different sport.

We’ve talked a lot about how much we respect David Cutcliffe. He’s just a good man. Marty Clark is a funny choice. He was a role player on some very good Duke teams and a tough kid but we didn’t expect many outside of Duke to remember him. That’s a cool choice though. And it makes perfect sense for Syracuse folks to pick a lacrosse player.

It’s an interesting idea. We might do our own.