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Major NCAA Changes May Be Very Close

And these changes will really shake things up

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Duke v Syracuse
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 01: Quincy Guerrier #1 of the Syracuse Orange guards Alex O’Connell #15 of the Duke Blue Devils during the first half of an NCAA basketball game at the Carrier Dome on February 01, 2020 in Syracuse, New York. If proposed NCAA legislation passes, O’ Connell, who has transferred to Creighton, might play this fall.
Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Major changes may be on the way for the NCAA: first, the requirement that players sit a season after transferring looks set to be junked, with a one-time no penalty transfer to be allowed.

So theoretically, a young player could leave a school where he’s unhappy and play at another school the following season (we don't know if this will work for semesters or not but presumably yes) - and it may be in effect for next season.

In other words, Alex O’ Connell can leave Duke and be in a Creighton uniform this fall.

And in another move, the NCAA may allow athletes to profit from their likeness.

This would have been huge for someone like Zion Williamson who clearly fascinated the basketball world and could have made a lot of money in his one year at Duke.

Less clear is what happens when some players are rich and others have next to nothing. It could have a major effect on team unity and morale.

Secondary question: if someone like, again Williamson, wanted to buy say Mike Buckmire a car, would that work? What if he wanted to buy Vernon Carey one as a high school senior?

Just questions that will have to be resolved if this passes.