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Tyler Herro: Kentucky Would Have Beaten Duke In A 2018 Rematch

Well, maybe. Maybe not.

State Farm Champions Classic
Zion Williamson and Duke utterly crushed Kentucky in 2018.

Hypotheticals being what they are, who the hell knows?

Still, Tyler Herro has an interesting one: he thinks Kentucky would have beaten Duke in 2018 had there been a rematch.

You remember that game surely, because of this if nothing else. It’s still one of the most incredible plays we’ve ever seen.

Still, he might be right.

Duke was banged up by the end of the season and people had figured out that outside shooting was an issue.

Even so, it’s a bold statement considering Duke won by 34 points. It was a devastating loss and it clearly dispirited the Wildcats. Kentucky didn’t get over it for weeks.

That’s the thing about hypotheticals though. Sometimes you never can know.