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One And Done May Not Be Done Just Yet

We can’t see the league bending on this.

NBA logo Photo by Jeenah Moon/Getty Images

Looks like the one-and-done era isn’t going to end as soon as people thought: apparently the NBA and the union can’t work out how to deal with physicals and medical evaluations.

The union and agents are pushing hard to limit access and the league, understandably, isn’t buying that.

And with all due respect to the union, why would the league ever sign off on that deal? Let’s take two hypothetical examples: Isaiah Austin and Hank Gathers.

Both had serious heart defects. Neither one’s condition would have been picked up in high school had they been good enough to enter the draft.

Same for Pete Maravich, who played his entire career with a serious heart defect.

Limiting access to health records isn’t going to happen. First-round draft picks are just too valuable to not have as much information as humanly possible. And honestly, we have never understood why the union wants it in the first place because it will absolutely push some of the members out of their jobs.