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Richard Jefferson And Gilbert Arenas On Losing To Duke In The 2001 National Championship

Some losses you apparently never get over.

Richard Jefferson #44
Actually he still looks a bit befuddled over the 2001 title game.

As you guys probably know, former Arizona forward Richard Jefferson is no fan of Duke. He has still not come to terms with losing to the Blue Devils in 2001’s national championship.

In this Instagram video with former teammate Gilbert Arenas, the two talk about that game and rag on various aspects about it. They touch Arenas’ poor shooting night, Jefferson having to work with Jason Williams at ESPN, floor slapping and Jefferson’s inability to control Mike Dunleavy in the title game.

It’s from an Arizona perspective obviously but it’s good natured and funny. Even most Duke fans should enjoy it.

Not picking on Jefferson too much but if they do a Harry Potter reboot, he’s our choice for Voldemort.