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Walter Dukes Remembered

Another African-American who went through hell just to play ball.

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia Warriors
PHILADELPHIA, PA- DECEMBER 12: Jack George #17 of the Philadelphia Warriors battle for the rebound against Walter Dukes #23 of the Detroit Pistons during a game played circa 1957 at the Philadelphia Civic Center in Philadelpha, Pennsylvania. 
Photo by Charles T. Higgins/NBAE via Getty Images

You may have noticed at times that we like basketball history. So when we saw this piece on Walter Dukes we checked it out and wanted to pass it along.

Dukes was a Seton Hall great who played in the NBA between 1955 and 1963. He wasn’t a particularly good player in the NBA- he fouled out an awful lot for one thing - and was traded twice in his eight-year career. At Seton Hall though he set an NCAA single season record for rebounds that still stands.

The story opens with an account of Seton Hall’s trip to Louisville that is frankly disgusting and shocking even by the standards of the Jim Crow era.

In spite of everything he went through, he became a beloved icon for Seton Hall and largely because of his character.

It’s not a huge story or anything but he’s another one of those guys that people should be aware of.

It would be nice, incidentally, and they may have already done it for all we know, but if not, it would be nice if Louisville would schedule Seton Hall for a home game and dedicate it to Dukes. it’s a bit late for apologies but it would still be a worthy gesture.